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About Us

BRD Business Services was the first company to establish a new and improved labor-recruiting, labor-providing business model to meet the temporary and permanent needs of employers worldwide. An emerging industry leader, it is successfully turning local, regional and national workforce challenges into significant opportunities.

BRD Business Services, story began in 2016, in the midst of a massive worker shortage in a foreign country. Born out of necessity and acting boldly, the newly-formed organization brought thousands of qualified workers into a strategic nation, averting impending economic disaster for that country. Today, BRD Business Services continue to build on the experience and wisdom gained during that time of humble beginnings.

Recruiting quality workers from diverse places like India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lankaect.., BRD brings those workers to any economy where domestic labor is in short supply because of the “economic evolution” occurring in that particular country.

BRD Business Services is one of India’s leading Overseas Manpower Consultant, our unique working methodology and untiring efforts enables us to shortlist appropriate candidates, who are at the helm of rendering the best of present generation services. We utilize our in-depth market knowledge and comprehensive research techniques to meet the unique requirements of every client.

Our consultants can see the availability of skills and experience at the click of a button. The business intelligence behind the search and data on our database allows our consultants to help clients in forward staffing & planning and can deliver CVs when required.

Selection – Precise and Rapid Our leading online presence and extensive database means that we can reach out across all areas to find the best talent for you. The number of candidates available through the database, working to consistent processes and standards, BRD Business Services permanent recruitment service can provide you with first-class, cost-effective solutions.